A New World

As we enter year two of COVID 19, we are continuing to keep safety at the forefront of our operations. All offices are open by appointment only. You may call 541-926-5451 to set up an appointment. Stay safe.

Resource List

I had hoped to have a Resource List up and going before this, but we had a few technical difficulties. I think we are all being stretched to do new things during this COVID-19 outbreak. Please have a little grace as I navigate the technology needed to transition to working exclusively at home. I plan to have the first resources posted later this afternoon.

Annie McDonald, Housing Services Manager

COVID-19 Response

APHCD Staff is working diligently to keep residents and staff safe. Please to feel free to call Sara Drayton, Compliance Property Manager, at 541-207-8990 or Annie McDonald, Resident Services Manager, at 541-497-0953.

See our Housing page for additional information about measures being taken to increase safety for all.

Albany Partnership for Housing & Community Development

Welcome to the Albany Partnership for Housing and Community Development (APHCD) website.  We are proud to offer affordable housing at four properties located in Albany, Oregon.  APHCD works to provide supportive services to all residents while actively participating in the community at large.