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The Albany Partnership for Housing & Community Development (APHCD) is a non-profit community development organization that has developed and maintained multi-family affordable housing serving individuals and families with low incomes.  APHCD goes above and beyond providing housing by offering an array of supportive serves to residents.

APHCD was started in 1991 by a group of local citizens concerned about the lack of decent, affordable housing in Albany.  From this group a board of directors was formed, some of whom are still active in the organization. Today APHCD continues to recognize the need for affordable housing in our community and offers housing, coupled with supportive services.

Currently APHCD owns and manages properties that serve approximately 400 residents in 136 units.  Supportive services are provided, in partnership with other agencies, via the following programs:

  • The Resident Services Program is offered to all tenants.  APHCD partners with various agencies to provide individualized help with topics ranging from housekeeping to parenting.  Events and activities, such as classes and support groups, are provided at the various sites.  The program also provides a monthly newsletter to all residents.
  • Supportive Housing services are available to families and individuals who want additional supports in order to overcome challenges.  Case management and other supportive services are included in the program.

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